Francesco Jovino is the new Primal Fear Drummer & Tom Naumann back in the band!

Francesco Jovino 01

After 10 years behind the drums for U.D.O., Francesco is back! And also Primal Fear founding member Tom Naumann joins the band as an official member! After two years touring with Primal Fear, Tom is now back as a full member. Magnus Karlsson will remain a member of the band and will co-write the new album of the band.

Tom Naumann 01

The recordings of the new Primal Fear album will start in Mid-July @ Hansen Studio in Denmark with producer Mat Sinner & engineer Jacob Hansen. 12 songs are already written, in pre production. The new album will be released worldwide in January 2016 via Frontiers Music.

To all Primal Fear and Aquiles Priester FANS around the world! We knew it would be a hard mission for us, but we’ve given it a try and unfortunately, to combine our present obligations and our future endeavors, it has become impossible to have a cohesive band together. Due to our schedules and the distance between the continents we have decided to part ways. From both sides we do not have any regrets at all and we are very happy that we have tried our best to make it happen. We are all still good friends and we wish all the best for each other in the future.

Mat, Ralf, Aquiles, Tom and Alex.

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